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I-ready is supposed to be a tool for teachers to teach their kids, or help them with something, but it is required. Here is the problem, each *** lesson is about 40 minutes long, 30 minutes being the tutorial, only 5 minutes are actually talking about the subject, the rest is the low quality characters talking, and other BS.

It costs around 30 dollars per classroom, creating a HUGE drain for schools. Another problem is the quiz, the quiz is just 8 or 10 questions, and sometimes the answers are illogical, or don't make sense about the topic discussed. So, only about 15 minutes is teaching something... that I learned about 2-3 years ago.

I am currently in 6th grade, and I-Ready is "teaching" me main ideas, relations between words, Latin affixes, etc. Also, if you fail the quiz (which is something that can happen mostly from the program's BS) you have to take those 40 useless minutes over again to watch and redo the quiz, and what is worse? Most teachers NEED FOR YOU to pass the quiz in order to get a good grade, and this is required. The problem with this is that most schools tend to not listen to legitimate arguments from students about problems with the school (Unless it is bullying, which they handle terribly with the whole "NO SELF DEFENSE" rule, which is idiotic) such as its programs, teachers, etc.

Chances are that if I say anything about this problem, the school won't answer to my problem, or my teacher won't. My entire class moaned when the teacher said we needed to do I-Ready from now on.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. DavidArias stated that there is a room for improvement of quality and lessons them selves. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of curriculum associates i-ready diagnostic and instruction. Curriculum Associates needs to "get teachers to make i-ready like extra work, you get a grade for it, but you don't get a bad one if you fail or don't do it" according to poster's claims.

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Try going on to i-Ready and pressing Ctrl+Shift+I and then you can mess with its coding.

Salem, Oregon, United States #1216008

If you approach your teacher in the same way you approach this post, you won't get any sort of positive response whatsoever. You make some good arguments, but the tone of your persuasive post is antagonistic and will automatically set the reader on the defensive.

If you truly want to implement a change in the system at your school, and you feel that this curriculum is not worth your time, effort, and energy to participate in, you should! Keep your audience in mind - teachers and administrators - and approach it with professionalism and alternative options. If you come at them with what I can only presume to be expletives since they appear as ***, then you won't get anywhere. Good luck to you.

Truly. Stand up for what you think is the right thing to do.

Don't let this post be where your argument ends. You have too much that is RIGHT in this post to let it go at that.

Sincerely, A 5th grade teacher.

to Anonymous Maquoketa, Iowa, United States #1238148

You have a good point, but keep in mind that this is called PissedConsumer for a reason. I Ready AND teachers never listen to me, and my parents don't either.

All I Ready does is ignore me, the teachers say I'm being rude or something and take my computer, and my parents say I'm lucky to have something that personalizes lessons. I have a counter to this. I Ready just needs to listen, I've sent around 20 emails over how dumb it is. Teachers won't listen, they think it actually helps, but I only get lessons for 4th graders and I'm IN 6TH GRADE.

Parents haven't done it, so don't call us "lucky". I Ready is THE WORST.

Thanks for showing some support, I Ready is like Justin Bieber: Thinks they are great and really isn't. I'm shaking my head at I Ready.

Milpitas, California, United States #1109973

I found a glitch for the i-Ready quizzes. If you get a question wrong, do not advance forward.

Close out of it using the small little "X" in the top right corner.

Click on the button to take the quiz again and click the button that says, "Go back" (or some *** like that). You will then be able to do the quiz question again and if you get it wrong again, do the steps again until you get the answer right.

to Anonymous #1229795

They fixed it... These lessons give me cancer

to Anonymous Maquoketa, Iowa, United States #1238152

They stopped it. The little sh*ts.

Hialeah, Florida, United States #1070416

agreed, i- ready is the biggest piece of *** to EVER exist! how dare they trick teachers into thinking its a great site that makes u smarter!

instead, it makes u dumber. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE!

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