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Approximately August 25, 2016, 8 days after we returned to school, the teachers introduced us to a new learning program called I-Ready. The page itself looked rather shady, having a picture of only a few characters and a login screen.

The website, being a "learning website," I didn't really have high expectations for... I was right. The teachers told us to go through a diagnostic test, of which we were introduced to some character named Jake, a former rockstar who bakes "healthy" foods. "You know, because all children must eat lowfat foods just because there are some obese kids." Anyways, upon the diagnostic test, the test mostly felt repetitive.

It was either things to do with pronouncing words, choosing the correct words, synonyms and antonyms, to things to do with passages. The passages were extremely boring generally, being about people nobody even knows, very old books (just because you liked it doesn't mean others will,) things on "how to do this stuff," etc. Upon completing the test, it turned out that we couldn't go fast on it at all. Even worse, I actually had to retake the test "because I was rushing".

Many other people had to too, because IReady is expecting everyone to be slow on the test. The math test started out simple, before turning into a bunch of discouraging questions. I know this was stated in another review, but I'm gonna say it again. While they're just seeing what level we're on, the questions really felt too absurd and discouraging.

Also, for all of you guys doing the diagnostics, because the algorithm expects you to be very slow, you have to wait 20 seconds before going to the next question. Just a heads up for those of you who want to get to the highest levels you can. Afterwards, the teachers gave us lessons on there. The lessons, however, were not fun at all.

I'm not gonna criticize the designs of them, despite the designs kinda making it harder to take them seriously, but rather the fact that the stories all felt pointless. They were all either about charities, dictionaries, healthy foods, or building, depending on which lesson you get. It's worse because the lessons are completely random. For instance, let's say that you don't like Bake Stars (let's just assume this,) and then suddenly, you end up with them, being unable to change at all.

Also, the higher level the lessons, the longer they're set to be. As a student who has only made it up to Level H at my highest, I can't really determine how much longer lessons after that are, if there even are any lessons afterwards (level K was the highest I've seen, but I'm probably mistaking it). The lessons at the lower levels feel like seconds, while the lessons at the higher lessons take up so much more time, especially if you get blondie and his two girlfriends. The lessons, as well, feel very bland for most of it, to the point where it would be normal to question if doing them for that long is really worth it.

You mostly get stereotypes that have actually died off long ago, because the developers want to fit in with the "cool kids" of nowadays, you get very bland puns that even the characters get annoyed by, and a lot of talking, more than the actual lesson itself. Afterwards, you get quizzes. The quizzes are very strict, and expect you to do stuff exactly their way. On the higher lessons, they don't even give you feedback if you mess up, they just have you move on.

Then, when you're finished, they're very strict with their scoring, where anything under 70% is an instant fail. In my opinion, it should be anything under 60% if not 50%, because if they got more than half right, they should be able to understand the lesson well. However, the website tends to disagree. However, we do get to do the lesson again, to try and learn again, in hopes of getting a better score.

The website itself had a lot of potential, actually putting stories into the lessons and even the quizzes, along with an actual cast for each thing. However, the stories and characters, like I said, feel very bland. The characters are all blank slate characters; they're devoid of personality, actual actions, everything. The voice acting could really make a change too.

It's very hard to take my lessons seriously with voices that either sound like they were made in speakonia, or that have bad accents (yet they expect us to understand it.) You don't really get much of an award for these lessons too. Only 20 coins, where you can only use them on games. The games themselves feel very bland, even though they're the most fun we can get on the website, and one game costs 50 coins. So, in review, the website is a very bland website, with nothing interesting that comes out of it.

The quizzes and lessons, especially the higher ones, feel very tedious and discouraging, and the art style and voice acting makes it impossible to take the lessons seriously at all.

You don't get any reward except for a few coins for passing lessons, and everything feels way too strict. I do not recommend this program for any school district to use, because of the reasons stated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Curriculum Associates I-ready Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Innovation.

I didn't like: Costs money, Bland, Repetitive.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Dec 19, 2017.
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September 29, 2018 Update: Turns out that IReady has changed a lot since the time I've written this review. For instances, the diagnostic test has changed its theme entirely, and now you're forced to do repetitive tutorials about things as mundane as "how to click the answer buttons" before moving on.

The second problem with the diagnostic test that they've changed is that instead of the game you could do when they've decided to have mercy on your soul and give you a break, it's a boring lesson on breathing in and out, something that people shouldn't really have to do because of a simple computer test. The lessons, on the otherhand, went two ways. Either they haven't changed at all, or any lessons that have changed/any new lessons, they've ended up making it so stale and colorless that it took away any little bit of fun IReady ever could've had.

The worst part is, they didn't take any advice from this website (from the people who were actually giving good advice of course). I'm going to write a new and updated review on IReady when the time comes.

to Excited #1573671

October 3, 2018 Update: First of all, I've made a new account for the website. This will let me update my reviews whenever I make them. Second of all, I've made a sequel to this review, mainly covering the new things that have changed and what they could possibly fix.


How very true. You seem to be less angry than most of these reviewers though.

I pleasantly suggest you join my fellows, the I-Ready Rebellion. it is a legitimate attempt to over throw this satanic cash cow of a program. I HEAVILY suggest you follow my advice about joining.

Best of luck in the fight. Truly, Undisclosed Name, I-Ready Rebel

to UN #1554722

Yeah, I mainly tried to sound less angry in hopes that if CA ever sees this, they'll take it somewhat seriously. Of course, it's either that, or they'll just make a bunch of contradictions just to make their program look better.

You never know until you try though. As for this rebellion, is there a post about the advice I should read that's somewhere on here, out of curiosity?


SO TRUE!! It was VERY slow in my experience!


every word your review said is true.

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