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My brother has repeatedly told me how I always slammed my desk in rage while I was doing my I-ready assessment, and I wasn't even aware that I was even doing that.My mother has even told me that I shout curses, and even terrify my youngest sibling.

I looked at myself in the mirror , and noticed that I had bruises on my face. My mother told that those bruises were the result of being going insane over an I-ready quiz, hitting myself, and calling myself, " an idiotic disgrace to Earth". I always stress whenever I take an I-ready quiz, as the explanations of the lessons are often so vague. And the sound played when you get a question wrong is so god damn annoying, every single time I hear that dreaded noise, I feel an urge to punch my monitor.

My family is starting to worry for my mental health, and I'm starting to worry that it will affect my little brother's future.I really want I-ready to shutdown, not because I don't want an education, but because I care about my mental health.

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Awww, that’s what i wish I could do to the creators. :)


I work in a school in which students are tortured into using IREADY daily. The VP's run around, yelling at students if they do not make their IREADY percent as well as the staff.

What a piece of crap.


i agwee god ponts

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