There are just so many reasons why i-Ready sucks.

1. There was one incident where they asked me a question and I said 1.5/1 Then it said the correct answer is 3/2.

2.Diagnostic test. When second semester started and we went back to school, we had to do a state assessment. Not enough? We had to do the i-Ready diagnostic.

3.Cheap animation and voices.

4.Rise over Run rap song. So cheap. I can rap better than that.

5.The games. First of all, the games are ***. Second of all, you have to PASS a lesson to get merely 20 game credits. Each game costs 50. And they are only one play per 50. In my opinion, if i-ready even existed, you should be able to buy one for 20.

6.Lets say you just screwed up on a question. It just simply say you got it wrong. But it should tell you where you messed up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Curriculum Associates I-ready Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: La Crescenta, California

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The animations get me, I am doing computer animations and I can do better than that with my left foot!


iready doesn't know anything. Even equivalent numbers.

So dumb and stupid. Equivalent means same and they know nothing about that.


so ironic this is next to i-ready sucks


My published(but short) article about the terribleness of iready



i ready suck


I say this site is more terrible than the Harlem Shake meme. It should be dead but those grown folks can't let s*it go so they decided let's make math on a computer.

"So is this going to be a good website?" "You know, we could but then again, we could get a lot of money by not doing a lot." "Don't we need quality for the children?" "No, they are to young to understand quality and the teachers may be way to lazy to even bother teaching math, so let's do something nice and easy to get millions of dollars that other people could work hard for." That is probably the meeting of when i-ready was being made. It's just so *** bad.


I agree fully with what you just said


If you say 1/10 it will tell you it is wrong and say it is 10/100


Agreed. I-ready has bad quality :(


True.Once I did a Reading Lesson and on the quiz I got one answer wrong. When I looked at my score I got a 60%. This just tells you how dumb this website can be.


What? That is, without a doubt, the worst *** i-Ready can give. Having an entire lesson all over is ***.




so you like iready just like me peppa pig peppa pig peppa pig


I just confuses me. I do well in school.

Yet on i ready math my grade is a F. I'm tired of it.


I know. The games are cheap enough to be at the discount aisle at Walmart.


Nope, cheaper.


*** i ready and my *** teacher


So true, if there are many complaints about i-ready than take down the ******* website there is no point to have a website that doesn't teach kids and you are really learning because every single minute you do i-ready you can feel yourself losing brain cells and the voices are so annoying that you would rather hear nails on a chalk board than hear every single minute of the character.



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