There are just so many reasons why i-Ready sucks.

1. There was one incident where they asked me a question and I said 1.5/1 Then it said the correct answer is 3/2.

2.Diagnostic test. When second semester started and we went back to school, we had to do a state assessment. Not enough? We had to do the i-Ready diagnostic.

3.Cheap animation and voices.

4.Rise over Run rap song. So cheap. I can rap better than that.

5.The games. First of all, the games are ***. Second of all, you have to PASS a lesson to get merely 20 game credits. Each game costs 50. And they are only one play per 50. In my opinion, if i-ready even existed, you should be able to buy one for 20.

6.Lets say you just screwed up on a question. It just simply say you got it wrong. But it should tell you where you messed up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Curriculum Associates I-ready Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: La Crescenta, California

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Yeah IKR! I-ready sucks. It's so boring that not even the geeky students at my school wanna do it..


i just did i ready diagnostic thingy so yea it sucks


My major complaint about i ready is that if you get three questions wrong.................YOU'ER STUPID! YOU FAILED REDO THE DAMN THING!


I know right. Especially if you spend an hour on it.

You won't learn anything just that life isn't fair. At least you learn that one thing.


iready is soooo sucky it has bad animations and stuff and it gives you the lesson over if you even get one wrong


lol you can't have a decimal in a fraction dummy they were right about 3/2


I feel you bro, I HATE I ready for all of those reasons im a student, and our district wsfcs makes us do this crap. Its not a helpful programme. everyone at my school agrees


hey im the one u put that comment below thanks for agreeing


All of this is so true thanks for sharing this with the world. #I-READYSUCKS


Nothing says school like stupid cheap idiotic things like I-ready with it’s terrible teaching, *** audio, worse graphic’s, brutal teaching methods, and much much MUCH MORE STUPID PROBLEMS


I agree. I- Ready sucks and I am writing on google drive why my school should get rid of i- Ready and I am going to show the teachers. I have so many reasons!


I very much agree. The curriculum is horrible, And the voices sound like google translate, aswell as the animation is horrible, and kind of *** Lets say I get 12/20 Of the things right, It decides I will have to redo it.

It usually comes with a 15 minutr long, Video, Full of absolute cringe, Which, they make ypu completely rewatch.

It trys to act 'Cool' and 'hip' But if it just acted normal, like, actual people, it wpuld be much more respected. Either way, I think it is very badly made.


i agree. i-ready is cheap.

one day i got one question wrong and it gave 0%.

one day i got 0 questions wrong and it gave me 69 percent. one i-ready lesson i ALREADY did has been done 3 times already.


bro i agree, but think about the positive things, not the negative ones. They help your mind grow and stretch it.

I mean, as a 4th grader who does 7th grade math and reading, i kinda agree about the mistakes and cringes. just think about the good things not the bad.


The thing is there's no good things about iready no offence


Im gonna protest for no more I-ready.


save me iready is so stupid!


not supposed to be writing this but iready sucks!


Not to mention the terrible and bland characters and the cringeworthy attempt to seem hip and cool.


i ready sucks alot plory and yoop and it just looks bad im doing i ready right now it gave me 1 try

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