There are just so many reasons why i-Ready sucks.

1. There was one incident where they asked me a question and I said 1.5/1 Then it said the correct answer is 3/2.

2.Diagnostic test. When second semester started and we went back to school, we had to do a state assessment. Not enough? We had to do the i-Ready diagnostic.

3.Cheap animation and voices.

4.Rise over Run rap song. So cheap. I can rap better than that.

5.The games. First of all, the games are ***. Second of all, you have to PASS a lesson to get merely 20 game credits. Each game costs 50. And they are only one play per 50. In my opinion, if i-ready even existed, you should be able to buy one for 20.

6.Lets say you just screwed up on a question. It just simply say you got it wrong. But it should tell you where you messed up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Curriculum Associates I-ready Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: La Crescenta, California

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i ready is fine


it rules


For me I Ready seems like a waste of time, some people might not agree and thats fine its an opinion. Im a 6th grader doing 8th grade reading, and the fact that they still treat 8th graders like little kids is just...

I am expected to do I Ready for like 3 hours a day just makes me sick of it.

To me its a waste of time when i could be playing outside and having fun, but im expected to get home do home work and do I Ready for at least an hour. That in middle school you have like 20 min for recess is not enough, you are EXPECTED to waste 3 hours a day doing I Ready.

@Sidney A Zgk

I just wish we didnt have to do I Ready when we could be playing outside in nature like God intended it.

@Sidney A Zgk

iready is just an time waster were not learning anything i dont know why they depend on ths dum thing to help us


I am the guy who was the first one to put that i ready is good, like I am the guy who is a 4th grader but does 7th grade math and reading. You guys can't just say bad words.

People are just supporting you because they are just you.

I can't believe old people are so immature. They should get a life.


How does inappropriate words have to do with any of this, people are just describing there anger, if anything it's you who should get a life for criticizing people for expressing there anger. And honestly your probably the most immature person I've ever seen commenting how people talk.


bruh it aint my fault i failed the quiz i got 2 wrong THATS IT but theres only 5 *** questions so much *** went into making that crap


i-ready really does suck every time i make the littlest mistake it takes them 45 *** minutes to explain why the answer was 4 not 3


i can't belive they actually listened to me ya boy


liar they never do that kid you dumb liar i am pissed off (guy who put multiple choice post) i ready is soooooo awesome i don't care if you're older than me kid


Then explain the bad quality and terrible voice acting. And if you don't believe me then check social media on the topic yourself you'll see it it's true.

So stop living under a rock. And if some people are older than you then that make you a kid/minor as well.


peppa pig? i ready is awesome


anyone else hate i ready haters


nope i love i-ready haters you son of a ***


that means you are gay or lesbiand kid.


you are right. that i ready hater just got roasted


"kid"? How is gay or "lesbiand" relevant to the topic.

And he may be a little younger but you can even spell lesbian. That's also a bit homophobic don't you think.


i am 1 grade stop saying bad words i ready is not trash, it is the best program ever. peppa pig is awesome but i ready is way better the first person who put this review is not nice they just want attention allt he others out there who think thst i ready is good may be blessed by god.

my tiping sucks. peppa pig rules too.



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