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there is a secret project called i ready which is "supposedly" to increase the grades of students. it does not its a lazy animated mess it would make disney commit suicide as a company if they saw this . the most you get out of it is crappy jokes and... more crappy...
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im from ny i am a student from greenburgh academy an i ready is a waste of my time i tested to see if other reviews were true and they were(mostly) its a waste of money my school lost about 5,000$ off this site me and my friends do it complete it and it makes us to...
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this Site is the worst thing i've ever seen the animation is wonky the difficulty goes up and down like a carnival ride if you do not know something you have to guess and if you guess right you end up with more of the thing you don't know and randomly there will be...
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"Hear this horrible animation"? I agree that I-Ready is bad, would you HEAR an ANIMATION?

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