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Iready is a website that is "educational" for children. Not true!

This website is just an excuse to make money as the website is very glitchy and VERY poorly made! As a tutor I have heard students tell me that the voices are so annoying that they "want to break their computer and end their misery". Sounded a bit crazed at first but when I sat down and logged on to I ready I knew what they meant. GOD IT WAS AWFUL!

It didn't teach/review the subjects/topics correctly and the voices where asinine and annoying. My students gets 50 percent of their grade for doing I ready and most of them are failing cause they cant deal with the stupidity!

I don't blame them! This website is horrible and I hope teachers see this post and STOP grading their students an *** *** assignments!

Product or Service Mentioned: Curriculum Associates I-ready Program.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I Ready sucks. it should be shut down.


They make us do it for homework and free time.98% of the stuff i already know and it is annoying as *** when they say you failed a hard earned lesson when you litaraly got 2 questons wrong.They treat us like we have severe autism or down syndrome.Most of the times i fake doing it because it is so ******* boring i would rather watch paint dry.


They make us do it for homework and free time.98% of the stuff i already know and it is annoying as *** when they say you failed a hard earned lesson when you litaraly got 2 questons wrong.I have even gone to try to faking it because is is boring as ****




i ready is just a cheap website that trys to teach you stuff, but cant succeed. the characters are made for baby shows and they grade this baby show on us.But why did the maker of iready make this website.

the games are spoiled and the graphics are too slow.EVEN KAHN ACADEMY IS BETTER THAN THIS... i AM NOT READY FOR IREADY

to Anonymous #1577156

this is a useless website to use. and the actors are just disgusting. and for math


Iready, Iready, Iready......... IT'S JUST A WHOLE BUNCH OS SHIIT!!!!!!!! P.S (Why did this have to be made)


I READY IN MY SCHOOL ARE GRADED WHICH IS something annoying. my parents makes me do i ready so they can let me have FREE TIME PLZ let i ready never exist in life


Listen here and listen good everybody.At our school, everyone deals with it every single day and it's just...mortifying. The voice acting, as I am sure everyone has said by now, is just a bunch of ear rape, and the characters are just plain-out stereotypical, bland characters.

Take the girls, for example. They are all shown as *** ditz that need the boys to help them explain everything. There was one lesson in the math section that had them in Rome.

One of the characters forgot they had to call their parents to stay longer, leading to the lesson about...whatever the heck it was about, I forget about them so quickly due to the fact that they are just that horrid.

They didn't know what it was about, and the male [mind you, he had a terrible Australian accent, sounded so forced] had to explain EVERYTHING. The answers, mind you, were also contrary to what we had learned via our own teacher.

I really do NOT understand why I-Ready is still a thing, and why our boards of education think it's so fine and dandy to torture their students with it.

Also, the worst part, the absolute WORST part, is that they end EVERY SINGLE LESSON with a *** laugh track and a witty remark, and they act like they didn't just give a lesson to a bunch of eighth graders that know more than the actual characters.

The website also acts as if we're a bunch of slow kids that need help. that I think of it, we do need help. We need help getting away from I-Ready.

-An anonymous user

to Anonymous Maquoketa, Iowa, United States #1313004

You should put that in a review, not leave it as a comment.

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