im from ny i am a student from greenburgh academy an i ready is a waste of my time i tested to see if other reviews were true and they were(mostly) its a waste of money my school lost about 5,000$ off this site me and my friends do it complete it and it makes us to the exact same lesson over and over again i tried to contact the site they did not respond the animation is horrible its not educational that much its mostly jokes. and REALLY!

a character who is in a wheelchair is named.....

axel really you creators of this site you are offensive enough to make fun of the disabled this site's education is horrible im in 10th grade what am i getting? the differences of even and odd numbers my classmates have the same issue and teachers do NOTHING which is why im going on strike each time i am told to do iready i will protest against it and here is where i curse THIS $&*t site MAKES ME WANT TO BE F*&%ING RETARDED SO I CANT GET MAD AT THIS SITE this site is one reason why our education is going down and not up we need to make our future better by changing the present.

Product or Service Mentioned: Curriculum Associates Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Yonkers, New York

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I agree.


I am to a student and I feel that I-ready is making us dummer.

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