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Man, where do I even begin? Ok, so my major complaint with this is the fact that they try to cram storylines in that don't make sense.

Whoever you are following along with is hosting a charity/doing a scavenger hunt/blahblahblah and needs your help! Basically all you do is read an artical and answer some dumb questions to help these dumb teenagers/young adults do dumb ****. The math is practicly the same thing but instead of articals they always give you something to drag or something like that. I can draw better than the animators can, and im in 6th grade!

This animation takes less than 10 minutes to make because they reuse animation ALL THE TIME! It also tries to be "Cool" When it just comes off as cringy and forced. The motions that they try to look cool are just plain ***, and they look like they belong... NOWHERE!

And speaking of cringe; the voice actors sound like they don't care at all! They will say things in the most monotonous ways and it makes me wanna fall asleep if I turn the volume low enough. The assignment system is also broken. Sometimes I will get things with summary, and others I will get 3rd grade level vocab quizzes!

Im not complaining too much about this, because hey, quick and easy lessons, but it's still unbalanced and broken. Basically, Iready is ****

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mom: FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK IN A TIMELY FASHION me: *on iready* but its so slooooowwwwwwww *finishes it two years later*

to A sad hooman #1577339

Yes i luv it


i ready more like i ***


you know this is weird


I-ready probably googles how to teach children and mashes a bunch of stupid *** articles together, thats how much it sucks


i-ready, in its attempt to speak to the children "in their vernacular" makes the adults writing these things seem ridiculous. It is not 'cool' to turn everything into shallow cartoon characters.

Stop calling people "boss" unless your going to hand the kid a joint to get through this bull**! The voices are obnoxious - I make my child use headphones (and cringe because I know he is exposed to it) because the language and voice quality is so grating on my own ears!!


BOOM BOOM BABYlol i couldent agree more lol


i have to do a hole *** hour and 10 lessons a week like i agree to literlly everything he says


45mins a week


I have to do for 40 min it to much borings for kids it don't help you on anything


this kid is right


I hate poopy iReady so much!!!!!!


i wanna nuke curriculum associates soo much


yes {{Redacted}}


I couldn't agree more.


I will say the first time i meant this pooopy! website i almost cried myself to sleep the test pretty simple for 2 year old that have metal caspity of a tic tack sorry for horrible english righting but even a two year can do a level D and all see is this horrible people just dead inside even a kindergarden class can teach me more than this site

to END THIS #1436932

i agree it's a *****


im with you i hate iready its so boring.


jesus thankyou these voice actors talk soooo slow tho. "BOOM BABY" - what even is this?!?......THIS FRICKING THIS SUCKS.

ITS SO TRASHY. They even try to make puns, but it really makes me cringe.


Iready is TRASH!

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