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Man, where do I even begin? Ok, so my major complaint with this is the fact that they try to cram storylines in that don't make sense.

Whoever you are following along with is hosting a charity/doing a scavenger hunt/blahblahblah and needs your help! Basically all you do is read an artical and answer some dumb questions to help these dumb teenagers/young adults do dumb ****. The math is practicly the same thing but instead of articals they always give you something to drag or something like that. I can draw better than the animators can, and im in 6th grade!

This animation takes less than 10 minutes to make because they reuse animation ALL THE TIME! It also tries to be "Cool" When it just comes off as cringy and forced. The motions that they try to look cool are just plain ***, and they look like they belong... NOWHERE!

And speaking of cringe; the voice actors sound like they don't care at all! They will say things in the most monotonous ways and it makes me wanna fall asleep if I turn the volume low enough. The assignment system is also broken. Sometimes I will get things with summary, and others I will get 3rd grade level vocab quizzes!

Im not complaining too much about this, because hey, quick and easy lessons, but it's still unbalanced and broken. Basically, Iready is ****

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Curriculum Associates Cons: Time used, Incredibly buggy, Poor curriculum, Website curriculum, Cringy voice acting.

Location: Canton, Ohio

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Honestly though this is exactly how I feel about iReady


@PissedConsumer184**** No, the cringe-worthy voices are not computer generated, they come from real people, crazy right? How much do you think they are paid to sound so..dumb?


I hate i-Ready because, the animation is trash and it's spy ware, because it asks you personal questions that no one but people you trust ex: how much time you use technology. there attempts to be cool makes me depressed.




I agree


iready hq should be burnt and the ceo/owner of iready should go to the deepest depths of ***


its just so..not bad its GARBAGE! it has the worst jokes ever to


this iready is trash and ***


this thing is so dumb IT IS GARBAGE AND CIRCULUM ACOCIATES IS TRASH TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I agree!!!


yes iready is missleading gardbadge and waste of time makes you get it wrong :service quality: 1 learning quality:1


Almost every time I do Iready, I open this part of the website, because it makes me feel better and not alone in my burning hatred for this dumb good for nothing "Iready". At one point, me and my friends made a Minecraft world where we blow up Iready HQ and free captured kids. It's at this point where we are suffering and learning nothing, but Iready is such a cash cow greedy for more that all they do is make it more and more cringy.


exactly i hate doing anything on iready, it has no benefit and is a waste of time


delete it just delete so people dont have to suffer the stupidity and rage and mistakes


Honestly, for me, I ready is fine.




I-ready tries to hard on voice acting,trying to be cool and not being cringey.But still they fail at trying to fix it.They make it worse.Wheni was a kid I used to do it all the time.Ialways said to myself that this is hell.And it is


oh yeah and the lips don't even say the actual frickin words.


OMG u r sooooooooooooooooo right. the guys don't even walk.

THEY R SUCH IDIOTS.I can draw better and im in Fifth!

the storylines are complete Crap. and their collage kids and they don't know how to FRICKIN ADD OR SUBTRACT


Who even had the simplest IDEA to make I-ready?? you could send spam emails to i-readysupport@***.com, to really rub it in their face that u hate i-ready!

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