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Let's see, how shall I begin this... saying "I-Ready is horrid" is an understatement, to be honest. To start with, the diagnostic tests are *** ridiculous. They literally give you the same repeated questions in the reading diagnostic about some Shakesperean play, an invisible guy, how to clean your godamn fruits, and so on. In addition, the math literally makes no sense. I know that it gives you really hard questions to figure out what level you are in or whatever, but it's just plain discouraging. Anyone who has ever taken the I-Ready math diagnostic will understand what I'm talking about here. And all of this is just scratching the top of the surface. The animation is cheap and lazy. The characters are overall annoying. Pepper Jackie looks like she's on crack. It doesn't teach you anything useful. Heck, I'm in Algebra and the I-Ready lesson that I've got is "How to add and subtract rational numbers." Basically, the whole program is boring lessons with dim-witted plots that are crammed in along with cheesy jokes, and this is supposed to be appealing to elementary and middle school alumni. And if high schoolers have to put up with this too, have all my sympathy. I can't believe schools districts actually waste their money on I-Ready, and the teachers that force their students to do excessive lessons/hours, and fail them for it, are evil and deserve to burn, along with the other demons in ***. I am writing all of this while "learning" how to determine word meaning from context clues. What am I, a *** ***? This system is flawed, and I wouldn't even be writing this complaint at 3 AM if Curriculum Associates hadn't taken out the ability to cheat in the I-Ready quizzes, and if I actually had a life. I hope you all rot and die painfully for doing this to me, and everyone who is forced to do this *** excuse for an instruction program.

Worst wishes,


Product or Service Mentioned: Curriculum Associates I-ready Program.

Reason of review: CANCEROUS.

Monetary Loss: $420.

Preferred solution: IT'S TIME TO STOP..

I didn't like: Time used, Incredibly buggy, Tricking entire schools, Website curriculum.

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Mate, grades from Kindergarten to High School Seniors have to do I Ready. I Ready is so bad that it should be considered a WMHT (Weapon Of Mass Human Torture) I Ready is borderline satanic if not completely satanic.

Time to get out the crucifixes and Holy Water. To combat I Ready, I pleasantly suggest that you join the I Ready Rebellion.


Not to mention how repetitive it is, especially when they make you redo a whole lesson with all the annoying talking again




This is my favorite review. It's very complete and relatable.

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #1249385

dude its not the teachers fault


You are *** right. ALL the *** *** on there can go shove acorns down each others throats.

*** them forever, they look like *** horror games. Why do we have to give them our state when we do it? They look like some *** found dead in the middle of a desert, with maggots in it. I Ready better ***' reply, because they can't hide from the truth.

The are *** fails at "teaching". *** them.

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