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I ready is incredibily annoying..The graphics are horrible, that is no expression and their is no fun.

It agust to you but it is very slow and glitches a lot. It is incredibly boring and a poor excuse for an educational website. The only fun things it has are games but even the games aren't fun. It is just flat out annoying and retarded.

This is just pure *** and doesn't help at all. It is pure boredum and is really tacky.

The people talk with annoying voices and why should you trust a boring glitchy website?This is why I ready is bullcrap.

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I have posted about I-Ready before.

My experiences have been WORSE.

I have done a lesson about area, put in the correct answer: "Did not recognize"

Put in the answer again, "Incorrect" and showed the answer I put in !!

Customer service for I-Ready (Curriculum Associates Services) has apparently posted a call center number for me to call.When I got home I called I-Ready, had to be placed on hold.

Hung up in frustration, ate dinner, and came back, called: "Our offices are now closed."

SERIOUSLY ??? I still have to do this program and it is 0 stars! Not even 1 star!

In 2011-2012 and some of 2013 I-Ready was an amazing program, fun lessons, customer service picked up, but it's gone down.HORRIBLE


Voice actors talk so slow! Quality is horrible when my internet is A+

Customer service don't answer the phone








this is useless.once i did one lesson.

I got some 2 wrong. They said I failed.

Liggggggitly it takes me 10 hours to do one lesson.i dont even learn anything from this *** Now i am very fat, from sitting all day doing this lesson.


the voice actors talk so slow and wastes my time. Talk faster please.s wastes an hour of my life. *** you

Dania, Florida, United States #1273972

This website is complete fuckery squeezed out of ***!

Everyday I need to sit my tired *** down and do this *** for hours.Its *** and the voices makes me want to kill myself.

There is absolutely not point to this "educational" website. It is not educational at all. It makes a 8th grader feel like a 2nd grader.

The only thing this *** *** website teaches me, is how not to talk around people if I dont want to seem annoying!

*** this ***!I get graded on this bull?!


I Ready is a huge piece of sh*t.It's really dumb and everything about it is lazy, cringy and doesn't help ANYONE learn.

I can read as fast as a high schooler, and I'm only in 6th grade. I get lessons about context clues ( I don't need them, I read a lot and there's Google Dictionary for a reason. ) and Latin + Greek suffixes and prefixes.

It's dumb.I Ready is a bunch of sh*t.

Miami, Florida, United States #1184224

Why do teachers force you to do it when it is bad and main reason why you should hate your teacher. Use Khan academy instead.


First, before you say that, you need to check your grammar and spelling. I-ready should have taught you that.

to Anonymous Little Silver, New Jersey, United States #1224036

actually, it didn't

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