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I-Ready is dumb,

I get a bunch of math questions, I use a calculator, get the answer, THEN I GET IT WRONG ON THE QUIZ, use 4 other calculators, get the same exact answer, but it's incorrect, I failed like 5 math lessons because the "correct" answer is wrong. Even worse, the curriculum doesn't listen, they still do I-Ready's, kids still get bad grades, and the diagnostics are garbage.

I was asked to change currencies, Linear Equations, and a bunch more stuff, THAT I WASN'T TAUGHT YET. I'm currently doing I-Ready's while writing this, 6 in 1 day, Math is boring, you don't get the correct answers on the quiz, just get sent to the next one if it's incorrect. Also, I'm on level "G" (7th Grade), BUT I GET ADDING MIXED NUMBERS, WHICH I LEARNT IN 5TH GRADE.

Also, why do you need a story in your Homework and/or classwork?

It just lengthens everything. I-Ready is a garbage program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Remove I-Ready.

I didn't like: Website curriculum, Time being wasted, Repetitive, Useless, Not scaling to your grade level.

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