So bad so bad, it is squeaky and horrible, taking so long to teach us, this website is so *** laggy, squeky flashy, and horrible. I am a sixth grader and it is treating me like a kindergartener.All the students hate it sooooooooo much, teaching me seriously easy subjects through *** characters, they try to make it look cool, sound cool, how obvious, only those of those oblivious teachers think it is great, I mean wt*!!!!

(P.S. we need to *** this site)

All the students are counting desperately for it to be blocked or something boring, childish. No sixth graders like this *** SITEEE)

Product or Service Mentioned: Curriculum Associates Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Seymour, Connecticut

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i-ready is my number one reason school sucks i dont mind the classes but i-ready on the other hand YOU GOSH DARN PIECE OF **** One time i answered the 1/2 and it said WRONG ITS 5/10!


Genuinely I agree with you but your reasons are pure *** and I-Ready is probably the number 1 reason why my grades are *** so I would like to say that thank you for reading.

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