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OK, everyone who is planning to use i-ready or any other products by curriculum associates, Its a rip off. Ridiculous pricing, (30$ f****ng dollars a class!?) Extremely easy (I'm getting grade 1 stuff for a test that 'gets kids at what they know'') AND BABYISH!!!

Other students complained that it was easy and the math teacher did nothing, but believe in the websites lies. It says it adjusts by how they finish. In pretty good at math. And the teacher won't bump me up to where i am.Sheesh, im i crazy f**k no!

I my first lesson was "odd and even numbers" and your like ''seriously this gotta be a joke"' and they lie a lot too. About opinions mainly. And they never responded to my angry letter!

I am beyond pissed which them and my school. Its after all, a rip off and a joke.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Your stuff altogether, Poor curriculum, No response to email, Extremely easy.

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I'm from Moorefield High School, and they make us do this dumb crap for both math and english


ikr i-ready sucks

Miami, Florida, United States #1292348

Totally agree. I am currently doing I-Ready but only because it's graded! I-Ready is BS and we should give it a really low rating and start a movement!

to Anonymous #1540171

The I Ready Rebellion has already begun, my friend. i suggest you join up.

Miami, Florida, United States #1275376

This program is a failure, whoever came up with the *** idea of making this a website I hope you bad luck because, first of all this is not even art. It literally depends on the google to make it's drawings for it, and whenever you are doing an answer 1 minute to 2 minutes, the character talks over like "what's the question" and I'm like, what the f**k I'm not a machine contaminated with answers that she knows in 21 seconds jesus christ!

Miami Beach, Florida, United States #1251732

Yes that is true IREADY IS FULL IF F*****G S**T!!!!!!!!!

Pickerington, Ohio, United States #1250271

I hate I-ready!! My school makes me do it, and when I get TWO questions wrong on a test )because its like super easy and I wanted to test it), the dang thing makes me do the tutorial ALL OVER AGAIN. I-ready is a joke, it lies, and it's saying *** stuff like "a movie star swimming in yougurt."

What the heck?

to Anonymous Pickerington, Ohio, United States #1250272

I agree. I've been on the same level.

They are so racist! They have the african american and the spanish girls not know anything, and the WHITE GUY explains everything to her!!

Hallandale Beach, Florida, United States #1243526

The most annoying and worst educational software I've ever encountered in my life!!! Hate it

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1242728

Absolutely hate it! It drives me crazy with their annoying voices and no learns anything. What a waste of time and money.

Maquoketa, Iowa, United States #1238137

Amen. C:


I hate iready nothing makes sense, and it has not helped me become a better reader. And when they try to make the characters seem "cool" it's the stupidest thing I've seen.

It's a waste of my time.

And when you take the quizzes there is clearly and logically an answer that makes sense, and the answer that really is correct is some crazy thing you would never think it was. I'm done with this useless time waster!


preach brother

San Jose, California, United States #1213425

So true! I hate i-ready so much, it takes 10-15 minutes for the lesson, then 5 mins for the quiz! it's insane.

to Anonymous #1250055

Mine usually take 1 hr for the lesson and 10 minutes for the quiz. Even if I tried to rush through the lesson the least amount of time it would take is about 45 min.


It keeps giving me the same lessons over and over again even when i get all the answers correct! then, if i get ONE QUESTION WRONG it drops me down THREE****ING GRADES!

Like, I'm in Algebra 1 and I'm in 5th grade math! and the ANIMATIONS!!! They make me want to puke! they were probably made on a $5 animation budget!

The characters talk like 5 minutes after i answer each question about something not even related to the lesson! this program was a BIG fail at getting kids "eager to learn." I hate this program


i ready needs to be taken down off the internet so people dont get the cheap animatons stuck in there heads and have night mare off ugly *** hamsters and ugly shity *** wimane

to Anonymous Sarasota, Florida, United States #1226332

eaxctly, theyre mouths barley move at all, lazy working, bs site too

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1128292

i agree it is a fuckig rip off it dosent teach them what they need to know take down i ready

to i ready is bull #1440887

at least studyjams made progress than this club penguin + 6teen ripoff crap

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