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This curriculum is extremely *** and I think that they should look at all the quizzes that they put up.I was on level H and on the lesson Properties of Functions and I knew what the answer was because it was extremely obvious but the quiz said it was the wrong answer. Either the people that made this program are mental or there was supposed to be two answers but the people put only one as the correct answer. Don't put your school in I ready, I...
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I-Ready is not the curriculum for students of a elementary or middle school it does not give the right tutoring that the students may need it may not be helpful to the students that are using the program coming from experience this program is not the best for students it gives them the tools to do the lesson but they do not provide you with the knowledge to do the lesson so they get in trouble and get a low grade because they can not get help...
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I ready is HORRIBLE!It is so boring and if your mouse is hovering over an answer it makes you get it wrong! The examples for math and reading skills are just plain dumb, nobody NORMAL talks about word choice with friends! They give you some sort of diagram and expect you to just see it and use it on your own.YOU don't do anything but listen to BORING lectures that little kids(which have to do this) are bound to get bored with and not listen to...
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There are just so many reasons why i-Ready sucks. 1. There was one incident where they asked me a question and I said 1.5/1 Then it said the correct answer is 3/2. 2.Diagnostic test. When second semester started and we went back to school, we had to do a state assessment. Not enough? We had to do the i-Ready diagnostic. 3.Cheap animation and voices. 4.Rise over Run rap song. So cheap. I can rap better than that. 5.The games. First of all, the...
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I am a student who is being forced to use iready because it is our curriculum now.Boy oh boy do all of the students complain about it. It's literal trash, glitchy, ***, childish, and downright weird. We are young adults and it's treating us like 3rd graders. Our grades have dropped drastically due to this bull**** website. I was at a 100% and literally not that later, iready dropped my math grade to a 92%.We need someone who can *** the site and...
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I am a student and I am so upset with i-ready and all of its glitches, and mess ups. I learned absolutely nothing from this website and cannot stand its lack of curriculum. It seems to be for 5 year olds and never is on what im doing in school. I am speaking for every kid that has to do this garbage. The characters try to be cool and are extremely annoying. Me and my brother laugh at the amount of glitches and hacks we've found. This website is...
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I ready lies a lot.I couldn't agree more with the negitive reviews and guess what, that *** hasn't changed. I ready is flat out boring and the characters and animation me nausious. ANother thing is that it glitches so much, I could barely tell whats right and out administrators refuse to recognize how terrible i ready is. Another thing is how annoying it is. The "math" and "reading" is just 99% lame jokes that don't make any sense and 1% actual...
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